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Who is "Goddess Bae"?

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I tried college after graduating high school, but it wasn’t my true desire. After flunking out, I felt lost, incomplete, and ultimately, like a failure. I knew I wasn’t STUPID. I graduated high school with honors and a 4.6 GPA, but I didn't know what my TRUE desire was. After flunking out, I became depressed and began moving through life with no direction. I worked two jobs and contemplated heavily on joining the military. I wanted to escape my troubles and feel as if I were doing something, but that didn’t work out either (thank God). I decided to work two jobs to support myself since I was not in school and I was single.

During this phase of feeling lost, incomplete, like a failure, and unloved, of course I turned to men to soothe my pain. Did that work? Of course not!

Luckily, I met my husband on my 21st birthday. Once we discovered that we shared a similar goal (relocating), we made it happen 6 months into our relationship. We moved to Irving, TX and began building our life together.

While this courageous step has molded me into the woman I am today, it has been a wild ride indeed! From experiencing anxiety and depression to being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I knew I needed healing in all areas of my life. I also suffered from bacterial vaginosis that a prescription would not cure.

I began researching Spiritual Journey’s and what they entailed of. Completely new to this subject, I did tons of research and I tried different things until I found what worked best for me! Along my journey, I have discovered holistic healing, spiritual baths, Yoni Pearls, Yoni Steam, Yoni Oil, Sage, self-care, self-love, yoga, awareness, journaling, plus more self-care practices that I didn’t practice prior to beginning my journey!

Due to PCOS, my period was extremely irregular and I was at high risk for developing uterine cancer. Cancer? No ma’am! It runs in my family heavily, so KNEW I needed to act fast. Months would pass and STILL NO PERIOD. This made my few periods a year HELL, because my body would attempt to expel all the built up tissues at once, and it was not a pretty sight.

Birth control was not an option for me due to its unnatural and unhealthy side effects!

I discovered Yoni Pearls and Yoni steaming during my adventure of finding a natural cure to my symptoms. I was able to regulate my period after a few months of consistent steaming. I created the blend for Bae's Yoni Steam based off my favorite herbs that provided me with RESULTS!

I continue steam for maintenance before and after my period!

During my journey to healing, I suffered from extreme body image issues. I gained 100 pounds in a year. Every negative word I could call myself, I did. My self esteem couldn’t have possibly been any lower than it was. I knew I had to make changes, especially when my health started to decline because of my weight gain!

I started "Self-Care Sunday" with absolutely no faith that it would help me rebuild my confidence, but IT DID! I would do simple things that I had been neglecting due to my depression. Washing my hair, journaling, yoni steaming, and sometimes I would just lay in bed listening to music. Setting aside time for MYSELF was truly all I needed to begin loving myself again.

Well, I dropped some weight and my “Self-care Sunday’s” were really helping me develop genuine love for myself and build my confidence! I decided to make myself some waist beads to further extend my journey in healing! I shared my creations on Facebook and other women wanted the beads too, so I began selling them! My heart was immediately warmed with the overwhelming responses and seeing how much I was able to impact lives by expressing my creativity and offering kind words to those who needed it.

I realized that my passion and my purpose is to use my life experiences to educate and assist other women in overcoming their issues, with grace!

Goddess Bae was birthed though my experiences in life and my passion for helping others!

All of my products are made with love, of high quality, and with positive energy.

Thank you for stopping by to meet me and I hope you enjoy our products!



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