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Are Yoni Pearls really worth the hype?

**WARNING: There are graphic photos included in this blog**

I first tried Yoni Detox Pearls about four years ago! I had tried a number of natural alternatives to cure the recurring bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections that I had been experiencing off and on (mostly on) for about 4 years. I was willing to try the Yoni Detox Pearls after hearing the many success stories behind them.

I bet you're probably wondering...well, what are Yoni Detox Pearls? They are small cloth vaginal suppositories that are filled with organic chinese herbs. The herbs inside the pearls provide detoxing as well as healing to a woman's womb and entire body. They assist with curing bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, dissolving scar tissues, removing blockages, increasing vaginal lubrication, increasing pleasure, reducing vaginal odors, assisting with infertility, shrinking cysts/fibroids, removing blood clots, reducing period cramps, regulating irregular menstrual cycle, balancing hormones, reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, detoxing an ex's energy from your womb, plus more! For more information about Yoni Pearls and how they work, visit our Yoni Pearls FAQ.

Okay, so back to my experience with Goddess Yoni Pearls. Typically, one Yoni Detox Pearl cleanse consists of three pearls and the entire process takes 5-8 days to complete. One Yoni Detox Pearl is inserted into the vagina for 24 hours and then discarded. Once you have discarded the first Yoni Pearl, you will add the second pearl and allow it to remain inside your vagina for 24 hours. Once you remove the second Yoni Pearl, you will add the third pearl for an additional 24 hours. Once you have completed all three pearls over a course of three days, you will remove the third pearl and discard of it.

The "purge" is the toxins that your vagina may expel during this process. Your "purging" process may begin as early as day two, but it may not begin until day 3-4 of the cleanse. (Every woman's body is different, so every woman may have a slightly different experience than the next). Your purge may consist of dead skin cells, old tissues that was not expelled during a menstrual cycle, fibroids, cysts, scar tissues, discharge, excess yeast, excess bacteria, mucus, or old blood clots. I will attach a photo of my "purge" below for inquiring minds.

The photos listed above are a few pictures of what you may expect from your "purge." I usually purge excess tissues and sometimes a bit of yeast when I complete a Yoni Pearl cleanse. My "purge" process begins on day two of the cleanse and is completed by day 5.

The Pearl cleanse IS worth the hype for me! The fact that I get visible results every time I complete a cleanse is pretty dope. I've suffered from recurring infections as well as irregular and absent period's, so I'm pretty darn sure I've probably got a lot of built up yeast, bacteria, and tissues that may not have been fully released before. I also have PCOS, so the pearls are pretty great for reducing a few of my symptoms.

There are thousands of success stories online about women's experience with Yoni Pearls. There are women who conceive after trying for years, the pearls can regulate your menstrual cycle, the pearls can reduce period cramps, balance your Yoni's PH, and assists with pretty much any issue you could experience with your Yoni.

After my pearl cleanse is completed, my husband is DEFINITELY satisfied with the results, if you know what I mean lol. The pearls provide me with instant tightening as well as increases cervical fluids (a.k.a. YOU'LL HAVE THAT WAP)! The pearls have assisted me in cleansing the excess tissues from my womb, eliminated bacterial vaginosis, reduced menstrual cramping, assisted me in detoxing old energies from my womb, increased lubrication, provides tightening, and increased libido. My Yoni feels like a BRAND NEW WOMAN after completing a Goddess Yoni Pearls cleanse, to be honest.

If you experience any women's health issue and you're searching for an all natural alternative to medication, I strongly suggest you purchasing The Goddess Yoni Pearls and trying it out for yourself.

The proof is in YOUR experience.


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