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Self-Care is the Key to Happiness

"You must nourish to flourish..."

There are multiple ways to practice self-care, and it isn't always necessary to break the bank to do so! Self-care could be as simple as reading a book, taking a nap, going out for dinner or a movie, taking a walk outside for fresh air, going for a swim, exercising, eating a healthy meal, write in a journal, exfoliating your skin, completing a Yoni Steaming session, painting, cleaning your home, drinking a glass of wine, completing a Yoni Pearl Detox, investing in your hobbies, trying a new recipe, binge watching a tv show, taking a bubble bath, speaking positive affirmations to yourself, or doing nothing at all! 

Self-Care was never a practice that I've consciously participated in, and I definitely paid the price for my lack of knowledge regarding this subject. I didn't grow up "pampering" myself like other girls my age did regularly. Simple activities such as styling my own hair or painting my toenails and fingernails were completely foreign to me. I've never experienced splurging or shopping spree’s, as I could only look forward to shopping once a year for school clothes and supplies. I've experienced anxiety and depression from early childhood and I grew to become suicidal in my preteen years. While I overcame the suicide attempts (Thank GOD), I carried anxiety and depression into adulthood. I truly believe had I developed self-care practices earlier in life, I could have removed myself from survival mode and began healing myself long before now.

It wasn't until September of 2019 that I began practicing "Self-Care Sunday's." I was currently at my lowest point in life and I felt alone, cornered, and defeated in all areas. I was dealing with depression, I had developed a new form of anxiety, a health condition, family issues, and to top it off, I was homeless. I would drive to work everyday in tears and praying for a breakthrough (although I was completely faithless at this point), I would be in tears on my lunch break, and in tears in the shower after work. I was broken... I had been told no, shut out, overlooked, and to say that I was stressed out to the MAX would truly be an understatement. I didn't have anything positive to look forward to in my life. I was dealing with a dead end "career" where my superiors did not want to allow me to move around, because of how well I benefited their team. After work, I spent hours complaining to my husband about how much I hated this job. After work, I'd spend the rest of the day dreading going to work the next day, instead of living in the moment and enjoying the rest of my day. So, you can see why I desperately needed a positive routine in place. I promised God that I would never revert back to my suicidal ways, although it had crossed my mind numerous times due to our circumstances and my mental state at the time. I knew I had to be strong, for the sake of my better half.... and this is how my "Self-Care Sunday's" commenced. 

On Sunday's, I would wash my hair and watch Youtube videos to learn new styles, write in my journal, Yoni Steam, meditate, light a candle and listen to music, give myself a manicure/pedicure, clean, or just sleep the entire time. I didn't expect to find internal peace, mental clarity, self-love in it's deepest form, self-discipline, or happiness by doing these things, but I did. Over time, I noticed myself developing the self-confidence that was completely depleted due to my weight gain over the past year. I began to notice all of the things that I had been neglecting due to my mental fog, and I began tackling that list. In February 2020, I quit my job and I was afforded the opportunity to focus full time on my personal development. I began performing self-care acts for myself daily to the point where I had no choice but to love who I was becoming.

"Self Care" practices played a role in transforming me from a little girl into a woman. Not only did I learn how to pamper myself, but I also learned that it is PERFECTLY FINE to do things for myself and to be at my best without feeling guilty about it. I learned to love myself regardless of what I see when I look in the mirror, because what matters the most is the spirit within me, not how my body looks. This is when I began to feel more beautiful than ever before. I learned how to protect my peace without having a guilty conscious about it. Self-Care provided me with the chance to become who I was always destined to be. Self-Care is the key to happiness, it allows you to honor yourself, and it provides you with the opportunity to retreat and heal. I encourage everyone to embark on a journey of "Self-Care" in order to become your best self. As I've mentioned before, there's absolutely no way possible you can give someone else what's not within you. Pour into yourself first, and then you can pour into those you love without becoming weary! Over time, you'll notice your growth in a positive direction, and you will be an unstoppable force.

Be blessed!


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