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Why Every Woman Should Heal Her Womb.

As women, we've all heard the term "P*ssy is Power," and it's TRUE on all levels.

In last week's blog, we learned about Womb Healing and How My Pain Launched Me Into My Purpose. I informed you of how important it is for you to care for and heal your womb, and today I will go deeper into this subject! Some may ask, "Why the hell is womb healing SO IMPORTANT?" Well... sit back, get comfortable, and allow me to be your teacher.

  1. Your womb is like a sponge. It soaks up energy (whether positive or negative), toxins, and bacteria. 

  2. An unhealed womb disturbs the balance of feminine and masculine energy.

  3. An unhealed womb is transferred down from generation to generation. Your mother didn't only carry you inside her womb for 9 months, she carried you inside her eggs her entire life. Therefore, you were already exposed to every trauma that your mother experienced before you were even born. You also carry the unhealed trauma from your grandmother, great grandmother, and your other ancestors.

  4. An unhealed womb causes issues with your reproductive system, such as irregular or absent menstrual periods, extremely light or heavy menstrual periods, as well as difficulty conceiving, or infertility.

  5. Your womb is the gateway of ALL things that are created by you. Your womb not only births children, but it births all ideas and holds the energetic power to bring all of your ideas into fruition.

  6. Your womb and Yoni (Vagina) are both a gateway to your heart. If you mishandle your Yoni, your heart will unfortunately suffer the consequences as well.

If that doesn't convince you to heal your womb.....keep reading.

In the previous blog, I discussed how I slept around with male friends and other men who I shouldn't have given myself to. At times, I had three men in rotation who I was sleeping with. Imagine having my own energy, unhealed trauma, AND the energy of three other men present inside of my womb at the same time. Not to mention, the energies from other women who they were sleeping with was also being entangled with mine. This is why Sex IS a sacred practice and should only be practiced with people who you have a true connection with. This is probably why it's been taught for so many years to only engage in sex with your partner after marriage. I understand it now. If you feel unusually drained, depressed, sad, stressed, or angry, it may be the energy of the person that you invited into your womb. If you continue on this path of destruction, you must get comfortable with these uneasy and unpredictable emotions, as they are your new roommates.

Soul Ties - A spiritual connection between two people, often after being physically intimate with one another.  Their energy, soul, emotions, and vibrations become intertwined with yours. 

Imagine sleeping with three lost, unhappy, angry, jealous, moody, deceitful, discouraged, unmotivated, hurt, troubled, miserable, hopeless, fearful, frustrated, envious, depressed, or EVIL people and then allowing that energy INSIDE OF YOU. Is it worth it, just because you're horny, you want attention, you're bored, or you're lonely? You've not only allowed harmful forces inside of the most sacred space of your body, but you've accepted all energies that comes with this person as well. Why have we allowed this to become our normal? Lets take a step back and see how these "Soul Ties" with an incompatible partner will leave us unbalanced EVERY TIME.

Chakra's - Chakra's are concentrated Energy Centers within our bodies. We have 7 main Chakra's. If any of these energy centers are unbalanced or blocked, you are bound to feel the negative effects behind it. In this blog, we'll focus on the three energy centers that were affected the most from my promiscuous behavior. 

  • Crown Chakra - The Crown Chakra is located at the crown of your head. It's associated with the connection to the divine within you and all around you. Physically, it supports your nervous system and brain functions. The Crown Chakra is where you find your Soul's Purpose and Enlightment. 

    • When the Crown Chakra is weak or unbalanced, you may experience loneliness, feel disconnected from a higher power, feel insignificant, form strong attachments to all relationships, define yourself by physical possessions, have migraine's, experience difficulties learning, inability to set or maintain goals, lack of direction, insomnia, inability to empathize with others, lacking knowledge of purpose, feeling a sense of separation, lacking an open mindset, etc. 

  • Heart Chakra - The Heart Chakra is located along your spine in the center of your chest, next to your physical heart. It deals with issues of love, compassion, and belonging. Physically, it supports your heart, lungs, upper torso, shoulders, arms, and hands.

    • When the Heart Chakra is weak or unbalanced, you may feel guarded, closed, and rarely allow yourself to open up to others. You may also sabotage your relationships with anger or distrust, unable to let a situation rest that didn't go your way, you may be clingy, and needy in relationships. You may also feel anxious that your partner doesn't need you as much as you need them. You may experience depression, anxiety or greed. A blocked heart chakra may cause poor decision making skills as well.

  • Sacral Chakra - The Sacral Chakra is your womb chakra. The Sacral Chakra is the home of your emotions, sexual and sensual energy, and creativity. It is located just below the naval. 

    • When the Sacral Chakra is weak or unbalanced, you may struggle to see yourself as sexy and sometimes wonder how anyone could desire you, you may find it difficult to open up in relationships, you may find yourself in a cycle of sexual, but romantically unavailable relationships, and find yourself wondering if you'll ever find "the one." You may also have low self esteem, experience jealousy, attach to addictive behavior, irregular and irregular menstruation, etc.

I experienced all of the negative symptoms listed above during my journey into womanhood. Due to the fact that I allowed unqualified men inside of me, I was often lost, sad, confused, clingy, jealous, in relationships with romantically unavailable men, lacking direction, daily migraine's, and many of the other things that I'll mention about my journey. I asked you earlier was it worth it, because you're horny, lonely, you want attention, or you're bored. It's not. It took me years to witness the effects of trauma's that happened to me years ago. If I knew then what I know now, I definitely would have protected my womb with my LIFE. 

I'm transparent with you so that you'll know that I'm NEVER judging anyone. I'm merely giving you my perspective, based off my personal experiences. I'm a very wise 26 year old woman. I've been through a lot, yet I'm still pressing forward with a smile on my face and faith in my heart. I began my "spiritual journey" in early 2017 due to unhealed traumas wreaking havoc in all areas of my life. I needed mental, emotional, and physical healing ASAP and I vowed that I would finally believe in myself enough to not give up on this, like I had given up on literally everything else in life.

Womb healing has been the GREATEST part of my spiritual journey thus far. I was finally awarded with the chance to experience my body heal itself with the assistance of organic herbs from the earth. I finally got the chance to have control over my own body for once and not consistently deal with symptoms and side effects of someone else's choices (Whether that's unqualified men or unhealthy prescriptions). It was amazing to witness the healing of my womb before my very own eyes. It was amazing for me to even do that for myself. This promise that I made to myself was one of the greatest self-love acts that I could have ever done for myself.

Detoxing my vagina with the Yoni Pearls gave me the chance to not have sex and focus on doing something beneficial for myself for once in my life. I finally got the chance to sit back with myself, observe myself, learn from my past, heal, hurt, and GROW during this journey. I'm creating my own life now, and it's no longer in someone else's hands (Besides God's, of course). Womb Healing allowed me to become one with myself like nothing else has.

This journey has NOT been all peaches and cream. There has been an influx of emotions, weight gain, depression, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-love, plus many more negative emotions along the way, but I stuck with myself and I've grown so much and have so much further to go! No one has ever told you life would be "easy." We always expect life to be "easy" and we often adopt a "Why Me?' mentality, but why not you? Change your perspective about life and heal accordingly. Your journey may have been set in stone so that you could help others heal from things that you have encountered before.

 It’s okay to be alone sometimes. At some point, you've got to stop acting off impulse and think about the bigger picture. If I knew then what I know now, I promise, I would have saved myself for my King. My soulmate is the only one who deserved my all. If I could change one thing, I would've began loving and healing myself a lot sooner than I did. I would have much rather been alone at a younger age and learned who I was instead of becoming a victim to someone else's demons and being launched into a series of unfortunate events. If I had learned who I was at a younger age instead of always being engulfed in someone's bed, emotions, or situationship, I could have avoided a lot of pain that I've endured. While I've grown from my past and married my soulmate, I GET IT, because I can relate to a lot of women out there. I've probably experienced or witnessed it all. I was placed on this path to not only find myself, but to also assist you on your journey to healing, finding your true self, loving yourself, healing yourself, and succeeding all around in life. It all begins with you healing your womb.

Aren't you worth the investment?


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