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Goddess Yoni Steam (One pouch)

Goddess Yoni Steam (One pouch)

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What is Yoni Steaming?


Yoni Steaming (also known as V-Steam, Vaginal Steaming, and Pelvic Steaming) is an ancient holistic healing practice that consists of a woman sitting or squatting over a pot or bowl of simmering herbs that provides gentle cleansing, healing, and nourishment to the vagina, uterus, and other reproductive organs. 


The Goddess Yoni Steam aids in spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.


How would Yoni Steaming Benefit Me?


You are more likely to experience the benefits of Yoni Steaming if you suffer from: irregular or absent menstrual period's, painful or heavy menstrual period's, fertility challenges, shrinks uterine fibroids and cysts, dissolves excess tissue in blocked fallopian tubes, relieves PCOS and Endometriosis symptoms, relieves recurring bladder infections, relieves recurring yeast infections, relieves recurring bacterial vaginosis, relieves menopausal symptoms, assists with low or absent sex drive, relieves vaginal dryness, and postpartum healing.


Even if you do not suffer from issues with your vagina, this is still a great way to connect with your divine feminine energy, and this is a great preventative measure to prevent the issues listed above and to ensure that your womb is functioning properly.


What herbs were chosen for the Goddess Yoni Steam?


Mugwort - Fights infection, balances female hormones, stimulates a heavy menstrual cycle, treats insomnia, and assists with easing menstrual cramps and discomfort.


Chamomile - Reduces menstrual cramps, reduces inflammation, assists with relieving the symptoms of anxiety, reduces cancerous cells, assist with insomnia and depression.


Calendula - Soothes and heals scar tissue, vaginal tears, and hemorrhoids. Reduces inflammation, reduces cancerous cells, cures bacterial infections and yeast infections.


Lavendar - supports healing, promotes menstrual flow, and provides a relaxing feeling.


Jasmine Flowers - Promotes weight loss, heals blemishes and scars, hydrates and softens skin, alleviates aches and pains, boosts libido, relieves symptoms from stress and anxiety, boosts fertility, and reduces inflammation.


Rosemary - treats bacterial infections, speeds wound healing (tears from childbirth), and stimulates menstruation.


Sage - GREAT in treating depression, loss of memory, and energy cleansing. Sage is also great in relieving menstrual cramps. Sage is also THE BEST herb to release unwanted energy from your womb.


Nettle Leaf - provides a great source of vitamins and nutrients that supports women's health, reduces inflammation, regulates hormones, specifically women who suffer from PCOS and endometriosis, improves skin and hair health, and overall supports womb health.


Pink Himalayan Salt - Increases libido, improves sleep quality, balances the PH level of your body, detoxes your entire body, and assists with weight loss.


Basil - Reduces stress and anxiety, reduces menstrual cramps and pain, promotes mental balance, boosts libido, reduces inflammation, analgesic (A painkiller), regulates hormones.


How often should I Steam?


We recommend steaming 1-2 times each month as an overall self-care reginmen and for preventative care.


Fertility Challenges - If you are experiencing fertility challenges, you should aim to steam at least 1-2 times weekly, up until ovulation occurs. Do not steam during the weeks after ovulation leading up to your menstrual cycle, as this may interfere with conception. It may take a couple of months to notice the positive changes in your womb health, as every woman's experience will be different. Please, be patient during this journey and remain consistent for the best results.


Irregular/Absent Menstrual Cycle - If you are experiencing an abnormally light or anbormally heavy menstrual cycle or if your menstrual cycle is absent, we recommend Yoni Steaming twice a week until your menstrual cycle regulates. You should notice the benefits of the Yoni steam during within 1-2 months.


Menstrual Cramps: Menstrual cramps can be treated using our Goddess Yoni Steam. If you suffer from cramping and discomfort during your menstrual cycle, we recommend performing a Goddess Yoni Steam twice during the week leading up to your menstrual cycle and once during the week after your menstrual cycle ends. You should notice results within 3 menstrual cycle's.


Menopausal Symptoms: If you suffer from menopausal symptoms, it is best to steam once every two weeks, or as needed. Depending on the extent of your symptoms, it may be necessary to perform a Yoni Steam once weekly.


Recurring Bacterial Infections, Yeast Infections, and Bladder Infections: If you suffer from recurring infections, it is best to perform a Yoni Steam three times weekly, for a month. Please, skip one day between each Yoni Steaming session. By pairing consistent Yoni Steaming with drinking plenty of water, practicing good hygiene, and eating a balanced diet, you should notice a significant difference in the health of your vagina in 1-2 month's. 


What should I sit on while performing a Goddess Yoni Steam?

The Goddess Pedestal is available for purchase on our website.


For Yoni Steaming FAQ and more information, click here.

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