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Passionate Goddess Experience

Passionate Goddess Experience


This Goddess Self-Care Box was created to empower you as well as motivate you stay on track with products that nourishes your body and and encourages you to provide yourself with a daily self-care routine.


The Passionate Goddess Yoni Essentials Bundle includes: Goddess Yoni Mist (2oz.)

Goddess Yoni Steam (1 steam)

Goddess Yoni Oil (1oz.)

Goddess Yoni Wash (8oz.)

The Goddess Yoni Wash assists you in cleansing your body while providing moisture and working to rid your Yoni of excess bacteria and yeast that may be causing issues with your PH balance. It has a refreshing and natural lavender scent and is the perfect way to start or end your day with a relaxing shower and/or bubble bath!


The Goddess Yoni Mist assists you in maintaining a fresh and odor free Yoni while you are out and about. This product works to help balance your PH levels, reduce odor, moisturize your skin, and reduce skin irritation and infections.


The Goddess Yoni Steam is a blend of organic herbs that can assist with irregular or heavy menstrual periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility, odor, recurring infections, hemmroids, postpartum support, anxiety and depression relief, and PCOS and Endometriosis symptoms. Read more about how to perform a Yoni Steam, plus more information here.


The Goddess Yoni Oil can be used as an organic lubricant or a Yoni Moisturizer. It is safe to use the Goddess Yoni Oil inside your Yoni to assist with balancing your PH levels, reduce odors, reduce bacteria and yeast overgrowth, heal hemmrhoids, reduce itching and irritation, and it helps you develop a deeper connection with your feminine energy!


The Goddess Yoni Pearls should be used to perform a full womb cleansing to reduce menstrual cramping, to reduce menstrual bleeding, to increase libido and lubrication, to assist with fertility challenges, plus more!

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